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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  April 21, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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the chp has just re-opened all lanes of interstate 80 here in crockett after a series of early morning crashes, including one accident that involved a big rig and left a man dead. we will tell you why the chp believes all three of these crashes were connected. >> a sad situation in san jose this morning. a woman is mourning the loss of her husband. her on son is accused of killing him last night. we will hear from police. this is ktvu "mornings on 2". 7:00. i am gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i am dave clark. >> we continue to follow a developing story out of the east bay for you and a series of accidents that shut down eastbound interstate 80 twice early this morning. one of them involved an ambulance. the other left a driver dead. >> now, we have fox 2 team coverage for you. sal, of course, tracking traffic delays in that area. first let's go to alex savidge. what's the latest? what's it like out there now?
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>> reporter: well, first of all, the traffic situation all lanes of interstate 80 just re- opened within the last hour. so that is the good news for commuters out here in this area. now, what we had this morning was a chain reaction situation. an early morning crash involving an ambulance shut down several lanes of traffic here in the eastbound lanes of interstate 80 at the cummings skyway. then two other crashes happened as the traffic was slowing in this area because of the lane closures. the most serious of those crashes involved this big rig, which slammed into the back of a mazda sedan and the driver that have mazda was left dead at the scene. we understand he was a man. there is no other information on the victim in that case. it's unclear exactly why the driver of that big rig was unable to stop. but at the time the chp says that traffic was slowing in this area because there were still lanes closed from that earlier accident up ahead on the freeway. and the chp says when lanes are
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closed, drivers need to pay close attention. >> in a situation like this, we ask all drivers just to pay attention to the road. slow down. make sure you are focused on what's in front of you compared to what's on the side of you. once you are distracted, something like this can happen. >> reporter: and a series of accidents started with that serious crash around 1:30 this morning when an ambulance slammed into the back of a cement truck that was stopped on the freeway where roadwork was going on. the chp says the two emts in the front of that ambulance were rushed to the hospital. both with serious injuries. and according to the chp those emts injured had come from ucf children's hospital in san francisco. they were the only ones inside the ambulance. they were not transporting a patient at the time. then there was a third accident in this area as well. that involved three cars, but everyone involved in that crash had only minor injuries. but again the most serious
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crash involved a big rig that slammed into the back of a mazda sedan leaving the driver of that car dead at the scene. it happened here in this area you are looking at in the eastbound lanes of the freeway. you can see a couple patrol cars at the scene. but all lanes of traffic are now back open following three separate crashes in this area early this morning. >> all right. alex, thank you very much for that information. >> we have slow traffic in other parts of that commute now. it seems like all the slow traffic that was there has just moved down the road after being delayed somewhat. let's take a look at 80 down the road at the toll plaza. you will see the traffic is backed up for a 25 to 30-minute delay. it seems as if it has filled in the last half hour or so. even a little bit more than 25, maybe almost 30-minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. we are lack looking at 880 northbound. this is good. when you get to hayward you will see slow traffic to the union city and fremont area.
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and in the santa clara valley traffic is slow on 101 and 85. filling in there as well. 280 near 17. nothing terrible, but certainly people are beginning to show up on this commute. 7:04. now lets go to steve with today's weather. >> thank you. mostly cloudy skies. many reports coming in of light drizzle. i have reports around santa rosa that it's okay there. it's dry. it's dancing around a little bit. it looks to be around that area. arizona diamondbacks-giants partly to mostly cloudy. i think the breeze will be kick canning up there. mostly cloudy skies. cooler. drizzle. light rain in the mix for the morning. low level stuff. cloudy with rain for everybody tomorrow. the weekend should be all right. john in san jose says good morning, mr. power play. allergies are bad.
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57 degrees and haze right now. they are high. oak, mulberry and the grasses are showing. it's been the trees, but now the grasses are in the mix as well. that will go down tomorrow when we get the rain and rebound over the weekend. again there is rain in here. you can't find it. but it's there. so be advised. 101 north getting some reports. a lot of mostly cloudies, partly cloudies in the morning. a teeny break until the system rolls in. 50s on the temps to 60s held up by the cloud cover. also a breeze kicking up as well. temperatures will be kind of held back because of that system rolling in tomorrow. that will give us rain and temperatures in the 60s. they may stay there, or low 70s for a while. turning cloudy. drizzle, tongue to rain by tonight. then overnight into tomorrow highs today 60s, low-to-mid around the waters edge. >> new information on a tragic story in the south bay where police say a son killed his
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father. ktvu's janine de la vega live at the scene. janine, you just spoke with police? >> reporter: yeah. police tell me that it seems like a very clear cut case. they believe they have the right man in custody. they also say that the suspect told his mother what he had just done. this all happened last night at 9:00 in the mill pond mobile home park off kirtner. when officers arrived they found the man stabbed in the back bedroom. they say he surrendered peacefully. they are trying to determine a motive. >> at this point in our investigation we are considering that the suspect may have had some alcohol in their system. there could be other medical issues or mental health issues.
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those are being looked at by the detectives. >> reporter: a lieutenant told us he doesn't believe police had been called to the home before. really, it's a quiet mobile home park sort of tucked away and very much a shock to people who live here. >> janine, thank you. >> still in san jose here where police have released new surveillance from a deadly stabbing almost two years ago. now they are hoping someone will recognize the persons of interest in this case. police want to talk to the people seen in this video about the death of 33-year-old michael maynard who was attacked by several people on july 29 of 2014 near south market street and park avenue in downtown san jose. investigators say maynard and the suspects had argued and after that maynard was fatally stabbed. if you recognize the people in this video or have other information you are asked to call san jose police. >> out of oakland a person was killed in a warehouse fire. the fire started about 3:15
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this morning at 66th avenue and coliseum way. firefighters saw heavy flames when they arrived. time is 7:08. today volkswagen will tell us about a deal involving the emissions cheating scandal with cars sold in the u.s. volkswagen expected to tell a san francisco judge it will buy back up to 500,000 diesel vehicles that were rigged to cheat on emissions tests. it's part of a deal between volkswagen and the u.s. government. volkswagen is also expected to spend more than billion dollars compensating vehicle owners. however, there are reports the agreement will not include plans to fix the affected vehicles. >> reports out of japan that investigators entered the officers of a mitsubishi assembly plant today. yesterday they apologized to the public because some of their employees intentionally manipulated fuel efficiency
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tests or more than 624 vehicles. those involve economy vehicles in japanned also some cars made for nissan. >> the reverend jesse jackson is in the bay area. he will be delivering the keynote address at the push tech 20 in san francisco. organized by the rainbow push coalition promoting diversity in the high technology issues. he will visit montera middle school in oakland. he will be talking to students, particularly young men, what it takes to be a champion. reverend jackson will be joining me here in our studios at 8:00. >> governor jerry brown's oakland hills home is on the market. take a look at the three bedroom, four bath home with views of san francisco, the golden gate bridge. the price tag is $2.6 million. governor brown brought the newly built home in 2007 for
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2.7. of course, the governor and his wife live in the restored governor's mansion in sacramento. >> time is 7:10. still some scary moments in san francisco. thousands of people packed the annual 4/20 smoke-out in golden gate park. in 20 minutes, the reason behind that brief fan i can that caused a stampede. >> and a major makeover coming to u.s. currency. >> the commute this morning is going to be better than yesterday, although we had some earlier issues. this is a look at the bay bridge. it's backed up for the usual time. we will give you a time here and also a look at some of the other commutes. >> a lot of cloud cover rolling in here. many reports of drizzle or lie rain. we will have more coming up. yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪
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>> time now is 7:12 in the race for the white house the
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presidential candidates are focused on next week's primaries. after big wins by hillary clinton and donald trump in new york, there are more calls in both parties for the other candidates to drop out of the race. so far those candidates say they have no ip tension of going anywhere. one of them, ohio governor john kasich, left a press conference yesterday after being asked if he would consider becoming donald trump's running mate. voters go to the polls next tuesday in connecticut, demonstrate, pennsylvania, maryland, and rhode island. donald trump plans to have an office open in california next week. a victory here could put him in a position to clench the nomination. they are scheduled to address the california republican party's convention the end of this month.
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>> time is 7:13. harriet tubman famous for running the underground railroad to free slaves will soon be the new face of the 20- dollar bill. the u.s. treasury selected her to brace the front of the 20. now, president andrew jackson will be moved to the back of the bill. harriet tubman was born a slave. she founded the underground railroad risking her life to lead many slaves to freedom. now, during the civil war harriet tubman was also a nurse, a cook, a scout, and a union spy. >> she has such a fascinating history on her own. it's so important in terms of american history and what she represents. so to have a woman and have a historical figure like her on the 20 is super -- i'm personally very excited about it. >> tubman will become the first women on u.s. paper currency in more than 100 years. some new designs are planned for other bills as well. on the back of the $10 bill the treasury will honor the movement that gave women the right to vote. and abraham lincoln is getting
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company on the five dollar bill. the reverse side will highlight civil rights leaders like dr. martin luther king jr. the concept of the bills, they will be unveiled in 2020. final designs will follow after that. new this morning the olympic torch was lit at the birth place of the ancient games in greece for the summer games? rio de janeiro. the torch will now be carried across greece. after that the torch will are carried around the world before arriving in rio for the opening ceremony in august. >> time is 7:15. in new morning queen elizabeth of england celebrates a milestone. she turned 90 years old. there she is in the yellow and the white hat. we have new video this morning. the queen marked the day with a walk about near her main residence in windsor, shaking hands and taking pictures and all of that. later this evening there will
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be a private birthday celebration with her family. the queen is the first british monarch to reach 90 years old. there will also be an official birthday celebration for the queen in june. meantime, the queen's birthday may are overshadowed by her adorable grandson prince george. there he is in his shorts. look at this family photo taken last summer. they just released it though and posted it on twitter. you can see george there smiling while he holds his dad's hands, prince william. hello magazine reports that will be made into a stamp to commemorate the queen's milestone birthday. >> the first picture, you could see the prince was standing on four foam blocks to have him level with the adults. sal castaneda, you know, taking a family picture with little ones it's a miracle when everyone is looking at the camera and smiling eyes open. >> yeah, that's one of 200. >> right, right, right. >> they took that picture last
7:17 am
summer. the little boy looks different by now, don't you think? >> they change a lot. >> good morning everybody. let's take a look at what we have. the morning commute is a little better than it was. we started off rough. a lot of those problems have been cleared up. at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the macarthur maze. no problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge. traffic looks okay ones you get onto the freeway system in san francisco. if you are crossing at the san mateo bridge it is crowded as well. this falls within the norm. on 92 slow as you head out. the traffic here in the bay is not too bad as we look at the commute here. we do see some slow traffic on 101, 85, and 280. i don't see anything major. none of these major accidents are happening right here in the south bay. let's go to steve. >> sal, i just received a nice facebook message from julie. she says my brother works at a
7:18 am
very fancy steakhouse in houston and waited on the entire golden gate warriors last night. >> nice! >> [ applause ] >> she didn't tell the name. we will see. jewelry and your brother, congratulations. thank you. all right. we have cloudy skies and all the reports kind of filtering in here. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. from cotati grade. nothing from pen grove. but cotati. i know the area well. petaluma. a lot of reports of drizzle or light rain, yet not in cazadero and not in santa rosa. very interesting. now over to sonoma. so that's kind of the reports i have been receiving. partly to mostly cloudy. day baseball today 12:45. i would take a jacket. west-southwest. clouds, cooler, drizzle or light rain north bay. that's the only report i have had. cloudy with rain tomorrow for everybody. the weekend breezy and cool conditions. patrick is in redwood shores.
7:19 am
a balmy 62 with cloud cover and calm. redwood shores, california, u.s.a. good morning, steve. thank you, patrick. by the way, that is rex the cat right there [ applause ] >> thank you, patrick and rex. where is that -- it's there, but the radar being from -- it goes right over the top of it. i can't find it. but it's there. so 101 north cotati and maybe santa rosa. a little bit over to sonoma. cloud cover continues to roll in here. not much of a break until the front arrives this evening and overnight into tomorrow. 50s, 60s on the temps. southerly breeze. up, up, up, along with the cloud cover. a lot of 40s yesterday. not today. a lot of mid 50s petaluma, novato, light drizzle around novato as well. mill valley 57. napa 55. 28 in truckee. snow on the go friday evening/afternoon. this is not a cold, cold system. eventually they will get some snow. not until 24 hours.
7:20 am
maybe longer than that. coca-cola -- cloud cover on the move. monday we were 80s and 90s. there is our front tomorrow. it's looking pretty good. in fact, the low will dig into northern california. 60s on the temps. timeline for your rain, there will be a little bit up north. but the main front doesn't come in until overnight 3 a.m. into mendocino county, lake county, sonoma county. by 5 a.m. it's in the north bay and it slides by by 7 a.m. prepare for a wet morning commute tomorrow. san jose by 10:00. looks like it should be south of us. another band rolls through in the afternoon. people are wondering about friday night. it should be okay. a few lingering showers left. saturday is going to be breezy and cool. rainfall consistent, consistent all week long. .25-inch to 1 inch of rain santa rosa to ukiah. low clouds. high clouds. 60s and a few 70s if we can get that sun break. drizzle gives way to rain for
7:21 am
some. already that drizzle there. 60s now. temperatures sliding down as that system moves in. tomorrow will be cloudy. we will have rain. in fact, i think it looks like a steady rain. should be gone by saturday morning. a breezy, blustery weekend. temperatures in the 60s. >> okay, steve, thank you. >> any time. >> still ahead, if you use an iphone we have got a warning. in 25 minutes how you can tell if your personal account information has been targeted. also, a former major league all-star picture fired from espn. his controversial facebook post that cost him his job.
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>> welcome back. time 7:24. two homemade bombs went off overnight at bogota, colombia. they shattered windows and scared people. no one was hurt. >> one. bombs went off outside the office of an insurance company. appears the bombs targeted that insurance company. the same company was a target of another attack in december. >> time is 7:24. republicans who control congress appear to be giving in to president obama's request to fund efforts to prevent a zika virus outbreak here in the u.s. now, the virus mainly spread by mosquitoes can cause severe birth defects. president obama asked congress for $1.9 billion to fight it. the measure now being circulated would provide 1.1 billion. there is hope funding can be
7:25 am
approved before congress takes a seven-week recess beginning in mid july. >> british tourists are getting a warning about attitudes towards lbgt travelers in some parts of the united states. the u.k. foreign office posted a message on their website. it notes that lbgt travelers may be affected by legislation recently passed in north carolina and mississippi. of course, that new law in north carolina limits lbgt protections and forces transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond to their birth gender. mississippi's new law allows businesses to refuse to serve gays and lesbian if they have religious objections. >> target is taking a stand on the issue. the retail giant announced transgender employees and customers can use the restrooms or fitting rooms that correspond with their gender identity. the decision comes as north carolina is facing backlash for their controversial bathroom legislation and there is a growing nationwide debate on whether transgender should only
7:26 am
be allowed to use public bathroom facilities matching their sex at earth. >> former major league pitch curt schilling has been fired from espn. he uploaded an image that showed a man in women's clothing trying to use the women's bathroom. schilling wrote, in essence, a man is a man no matter what he calls himself and the need for laws that tell us differently is pathetic. espn says schilling's conduct was unacceptable. >> every warriors fan wants to know one thing. will steph curry play in tonight's playoff game against the houston rockets? when we come back what curry says about the chances he will return to action later today. >> plus, scary moments in san francisco. thousands of people packed the annual 4/20 smoke-out in golden gate park. the reason behind that panic causing a stampede and the
7:27 am
clean-up that's happening now. >> we are looking at a commute here. just reading from the screen, as i always do, 80 looks good. however, there are a couple of new things that popped up. i will give you the rundown when we come back with the next traffic report. >> a lot of cloud cover here. temperatures will cool off and numerous reports of drizzle, especially in the north bay. it's going to lead to rain. we will give you a timing update coming up.
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>> 7:29 on this thursday morning. taking a live look at the bay. you see clouds have rolled in. the sky is grey. what a difference from where we were on monday morning. it's been a week of changing weather. a very busy traffic morning for you. a lot to cover this morning. 7:30 now. welcome to "mornings on 2". i am gasia mikaelian. >> what did you do with all the sun? >> i don't have it. >> good morning, i am dave clark. let's talk with steve paulson about the forecast and what's on the ray. >> rain's on the way. a lot of drizzle right now. especially up in the north bay. cooler temps here. monday we were in 80s and 90s. now mostly cloudy skies and the cooler trend will continue into tomorrow. day baseball. partly to mostly cloudy. 64. that westerly breeze will be picking up. 12:45. clouds, cooler, drizzle, or a light rain. sonoma, cotati, petaluma, occidental are the reports i have received. around santa rosa as well.
7:31 am
cloudy with rain as well. the good old-fashioned rain. the real stuff. breezy and cool on the weekend. i would love to show you the rain, but i can't. it's low level stuff. it seems to be confined to parts of the north bay. no reports except novato and marin county. 50s-60s on the temps. balmy conditions. getting the south wind in advance of this system coming in. there it is. it's going to swing in late tonight, tomorrow, and that will give you widespread rain tomorrow. drizzle to the north. that will turn to rain later on tonight into tomorrow. high temps coming down. >> sal, 7:31. you are busy with what? >> we do have very heavy traffic along that stretch. i think some of those problems ended up translating into longer delays on eastshore
7:32 am
freeway. people were delayed out of vallejo. i want to show you the drive time between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze is 49 minutes. almost an hour really driving between those two points. and when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza you add another 25 minutes to that. if you are driving from vallejo to san francisco and then you drive to san francisco in your car, unless you are in the carpool lane, about an hour and a half. that's a long time. let's move along and take a look at some of these commutes. we do have a look at marin county on southbound 101. stop-and-go traffic. 37 down to the central part of san rafael. and also getting into marin county, the road sensors are showing a backup on the richmond san rafael bridge heading out west. back to the desk. >> the 4/20 party is over now.
7:33 am
thousands of people were at the smoke-out. ktvu's fox 2's brian flores is out there talking about the clean-up happening right now, brian. >> reporter: yeah, we are talking about thousands of pounds. i am talking about thousands of pounds of trash this morning at golden gate park. hippie hill, as you can see hyped me, about 40 san francisco rec and park workers picking up trash this morning. also there this morning is the ep general manager of san francisco's rec and park. we spoke with him a few minutes ago. a lot of people come to hippie hill on 4/20. this year there were a couple of incidents to tell you about. as we go to video, six last night during the gathering some people say they heard what they thought were gunshots. it was nerve wronging enough to send some revelers running from one end of hippie hill to the other. police investigated. no evidence of gunshots. 10,000 people were here
7:34 am
lighting one up. people from all over the country come to san francisco to this spot. many we spoke with have been coming here since the 1960s saying it's all about having a good time. >> it's awesome. i mean, people my age and older and even the younger ones are just all good. it's a good thing. >> this isn't a drug to me. this is not a drug. this is a medication. this is something that should be allowed just like alcohol. >> reporter: but as we mentioned, we also spoke about the rec and park department who says this morning is a different mood for them. rec and park estimates they will be picking up 17,000 pounds of trash today just from this event. >> depressing. you know, it's earth day. this is not exactly a leave no trace moment yesterday. i am very proud of the men and women out here working. they were here until 10:00 last night. we had about 30 park maintenance workers. we have about 40 here today.
7:35 am
we had 18 park rangers. we had about -- we are grateful to std. members of the san francisco police department out here. >> reporter: as we take it back out here, there is a lot of trash at hippie hill. when we were driving through there was a lot of trash through golden gate park. this is an unsanctioned event. police were here to keep the peace. six arrests were made. one for suspected robbery of two people leaving the event. we spoke with people in the park this morning and they can't believe how much trash is out here every year during this event. back to you. >> brian flores in san francisco. thank you, brian. >> time is 7:35. the celebration took on added meaning this year because of the push to make marijuana legal in california. supporters are well on their way to put on initiative on the legal ballot that would legalize pot use for adults 21
7:36 am
and over. marijuana supporters say legalizing it could create up to a million jobs and generate as much as a billion dollars for california's economy. >> the current market fuels an underground world. they don't pay taxes. they don't check i.d.s. >> recent polls indicate most californians favor legalizing recreational marijuana, but voters rejected a similar measure back in 2010. >> a sacramento sheriff's deputy license plate reader led to the arrest of a berkeley shooting suspect. the shooting happened in mid march. a woman was also shot in the head and dropped off at the hospital. on tuesday a sacramento sheriff's deputy's patrol car license plate reader spotted a car connected to that shooting. they found the man asleep in the driver's seat and took him in custody. >> some drivers are asking for
7:37 am
more police patrols following the latest highway shooting. a man was driving on highway 4 when someone possibly in another car opened fire. he was shot a number of times. this is the 18th freeway shooting in the east bay in the past six months. >> as a commuter in this area, i would like to see it beefed up, police security, knowing we have this issue. it's been brought to our town. a little bit more often than it has before. >> the chp says investigators believe the victim was specifically targeted by the shooter. authorities have not released a description of the shooter or car involved. they have not said whether this incident is related to the previous shootings we have seen on interstate 80 and highway 4. >> 7:37. a man who san francisco police say led officers on a rooftop chase through knob hill before jumping and landing on a parked car is out of the hospital and in jail. he is identified as 34-year-old
7:38 am
alexander kalef newby island kov. police were told of another burglary in progress nearby. place say he pointed a gun at officers before running to another building then jumping from rooftop rooftop. he then jumped off one building, landed on a parked car. he has been charged with burglary, assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, and other charges. a bay area tech mogul who took a plea deal in a high profile domestic violence case three years ago, he is due in court tomorrow. he violated his probation, according to prosecutors. he was arrested in 2013. prosecutors say he punched and kicked his then girlfriend more than 100 times. prosecutors say it was recorded on home security video. but a judge ruled it was seized illegally and that it is inadmissible in court. he pled guilty to two misdemeanors. he was put on probation for three years. in 2014, he was arrested again.
7:39 am
police say he attacked another woman he was dating. tomorrow prosecutors will ask a judge to revoke his probation. that means he could be sent to jail for a year. >> it may be the most talked about ankle in pro sports this morning. a lot of warriors fans want to know will steph curry's ankle injury keep him off the court for game three tonight against houston. allie rasmus live in the newsroom with what curry had to say about it. >> reporter: it's going to be a game time decision. whether orpe did practice yesterday. he did the drills and went through his post-practice shooting routine. afterwards he told reportsers his heart is geared towards playing tonight, but it's a matter of whether his body cooperates. he says hitting the game will depend on how he feels and what his doctors and athletic trainers recommend. >> i don't want to put myself in danger of having this linger, having problems down
7:40 am
the stretch. you want to keep the rhythm and momentum that we have built and not get rusty. >> look, we don't want to make him worse. you can do damage if you do that. i probably made a very extreme example of that with grant. but that's always on my mind. players' health. >> now, warriors fans are optimistic the team can beat houston without their mvp because they have won their last two games against the rockets. one of them also without curry. tip-off is at 6:30 tonight and game four is on sunday. also in houston. back to you guys. >> thank you. time is 7:40. he fought for civil rights. now he is fighting for diversity in silicon valley. reverand jesse jackson joins us next. >> the spring sports season is in full swing w that comes injuries. how to help your child stay safe on the field. that's next. >> we are looking at a commute
7:41 am
that is busy, although not as bad as yesterday. 44 is getting a workout. we will tell you about this commute and contra costa county. >> a lot of reports of drizzle, sonoma, petaluma, rohnert park. we will have the numbers coming up.
7:42 am
7:43 am
name is 7:43. there is a new phishing scam targeting iphone users. this says the user's apple i.d. is due to expire and they should click the link to confirm details. it's a pretty convincing looking fake apple website. according to the independent, when users enter their account
7:44 am
name and password they get a message saying their account has been locked for security reasons and then they get asked to enter their credit card information. this a major red flag. apple tells users never, never send your passwords or account information to unverified websites. >> that's crazy. wow. >> all right. time is 7:44. sal, you have been busy since before you came in. >> yeah, we have been busy this morning. things are finally calming down on the roads. it's still slow. highway 24 between walnut creek and oakland we have heavy traffic in lafaye lafayette. i am seeing more normal-ish commutes. i think most people can handle what they see every day. it's when you see things that are really like of slower than usual that you get upset. i understand that. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
7:45 am
that is backed up -- oh, the spider. boris the spider is out there. our toll plaza is backed up for a 25-minute delay. boris is around. he has been camera shy lately, or maybe perhaps just business eye. we talked about 80. earlier problems. look at the road sensors here. a lot of slow traffic through hercules and richmond. we are behind schedule. let me do this again. this is what i wanted to do. there you go. you see? that's slow traffic right there. and now look at the san mateo bridge. that is just another commute that's very, very slow heading out to the high-rise. so it's normal, but doesn't mean it's good. let's go to steve with today's forecast. >> thank you, sal. cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. all sorts of reports of drizzle or light rain especially from no the north bay santa rosa add beautiful glen ellen and sonoma. cloudy to mostly cloudy. it will be cooler today.
7:46 am
heavy drizzle. didn't he just put out a new hip-hop album? heavy drizzle? love his work. his last one was spectacular. and downtown slow- noma this morning. william the turtle loves it [ applause ] >> clouds, cooler. i entertain myself. cloudy rain, weekend breezy cool. i know. i am doing my best, but it looks breezy and cool on saturday. partly to mostly cloudy for the giants day baseball today. 64. i would take a jacket. there is a lot of cloud cover streaming in and the drizzle is too low little. reports in occidental. so far not in bennett valley and santa rosa. doesn't mean it's not happening now. petaluma, cotati, rohnert park and sonoma. that's the heaviest drizzle. there hasn'ten that much.
7:47 am
even in larkspur. marin county a little bit as well. system will continue to spread in a lot of cloud cover. 50s, 60s. balmy held up by the cloud cover. a south-southeast breeze. it's going to be a cloudy to mostly cloudy day. the system show in advance of that is right back here. that's going to swing in tonight/tomorrow. it looks like a decent system here. rainfall has been -- monday i showed this. it hasn't backed off when we were 80 and 90 degrees. it continues quarter inch to a third. then north bay half-inch to over three-quarter of an inch. i think tomorrow will be steady rain in the morning. 4 a.m. to 9 a.m. turning cloudy. breezy. cooler. patchy clouds. if we don't get some sun breaks some of these mid 70s may not see the light of day. temperatures will continue to cool off over the next 12 hours. tomorrow loud with rain. it will be gone by saturday
7:48 am
morning. a breezy, blustery weekend. staying in the 60s. >> what a change. >> thank you. >> time 7:47. well, spring is still in full swing. summer's around the corner, which means your kids may be gearing up for a big sports season. >> all sports come with a risk of injury. back in the studio with important things parents know to keep their children healthy and safe. >> very important. we know about the risks in contact sports. we have talked about concussions. but pediatricians say most injuries in young athletes are caused by overuse. now, doctors say most common sports injuries are sprains, which are injuries to ligaments. strains, which are injuries to muscles. stress fractures, which are injuries to the bones. they are caused when an abnormal stress is placed on tendons, joints, and muscle. in a growing child even minor swelling should be looked and evaluated further by a medical professional. they also say many injuries
7:49 am
happen because kids race from school to practice or games without warm-up or the right gear. >> a lot of them are really, really common sense things about strengthening muscles, about stretching before and after practices, about wearing the appropriate types of gear. a lot of times your kids, if you ever had a child play, they buck you on this, but that's something that has to be done. >> some things you can do as a parent, make sure your child has gear that fits properly. hand me downs aren't always the best decision. check to see they drink plenty of liquids before, during, after play and insist on conditioning and stretching exercises and at least one day off per week from their sport to allow the body to rest. the american academy of pediatrics also reminds parents don't forget about the emotional stress. young athletes feel judged often about winning or losing rather than the effort, sportsmanship and hard work.
7:50 am
we know those coaches and parents who are all about winning and not necessarily about the hard work and sportsmanship and all that. >> when you talk about injuries, we think of the contact sports, football, soccer, et cetera, et cetera. but any sort of an theater can suffer a devastate -- athlete can suffer an injury. >> i talk about my daughter as a high school cheerleader. they are lifting and throwing and catching. you know, fellow cheerleaders. they spend a significant amount of time before and after practice stretching and conditioning and running before they do cheerleading. things that people don't think about. and that racing from school on to the playing field is not always the best decision. >> good to know. pam, thank you. time is 7:50. a police officer in utah found himself delivering his own baby on the side of the road in the back of the police car. talking about officer travis clark and his wife. they were rush to go a hospital in salt lake city when they realized they weren't going to
7:51 am
make it. he called 911, asked an ambulance meet me on the road. when he realize the gasia, they wouldn't make it, he jumped into the back seat just in time to welcome his daughter to the world. >> nice. >> i was like, no. i have my plan. i want to go to the hospital. >> everything that i have been through in my entire life, this has been the craziest and scariest and most coolest thing i have ever been a part of. >> what a story for her 18th birthday. >> officer clark says fortunately his training kicked in. it wasn't until later that he got really emotional. you know he cried. all dads do. both mom and baby, they are doing fine. >> big sister is happy as well. what a nice story. >> time is 751 too itse yadira murillo. charging your phone or tablet could be as easy as watering your plants. new technology behind the plant charger. >> remembering the life of a true wrestling diva. tributes pouring in for the
7:52 am
wrestler known as china.
7:53 am
7:50. fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides. it's a meal that's freshly prepared every day. court adjourned! colonel quality, guaranteed.
7:54 am
>> tributes are pouring in for chyna. tmz sports reports the death is a possible overdose. wwe tweeted she will be missed. her real name was joanie laurer. she was 46.
7:55 am
>> the sacramento kings may turn to the warriors for their coaching vacancy. luke watten may be talked to about their head coaching job. walton filled in for steve kerr at the start of the season. led the warriors to a 39-4 record. he had informal talks with the new york knicks about their coaching vacancy as well. >> the sharks converted on power plays, held off a late run by the kings and are one win away from advancing in the stanley cup playoffs. the sharks beat the kings three two last night. the sharks had a 3-0 lead in the third period. the kings would close the gap with two goals and less than four minutes, but the sharks held off that push and now have a three games to one lead as the series moves back to los angeles. >> any chance you get, you want to find ways to win. the fourth win is always tough. you just -- your desperation has to keep improving each
7:56 am
game. you know, they are going to come out, play a good game. so are we. it's going to be a lot of details, a lot of battles. >> game five is tomorrow night at staples center in l.a. if the sharks win the series is over. if the kings win, the series comes back to san jose for game six on sunday. >> a new report suggests more than 80% of californians are at risk for poor air quality the report by the american lung association found most of the air pollution is caused by emissions from transportation sources. bakersfield is the city with the worst particle pollution. pollutants in the air can lead to severe health effects including asthma, lung, and heart problems. >> these little tiny droplets can be so tiny you can't see them, and they actually -- you breathe them in and they flow through your lungs and not only create problems in your lungs, but also flow into the bloodstream and affect the heart and other organs.
7:57 am
>> organs. >> time is 7:57. violence in the south bay. janine de la vega has that. >> reporter: we are live in san jose where a son is under arrest for allegedly killing his own father. what neighbors are saying about the relationship.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> this is ktvu "mornings on 2". >> 8:00 this thursday morning, april 21. thanks for joining us on "mornings on 2". a quick look at weather and
8:00 am
traffic. weather has this a big change through the week. >> thank you, gasia. [ inaudible ]. >> you know what we could do. let's check in on the morning commute because it has also been a bear. yesterday 880 was a mess. today 80 had the problems. sal castaneda, help us out. >> it is pretty slow out there, gasia. yeah, we have had a couple of bad days. yesterday on 880. today on 80. fortunately, things have settled down a little bit out there. let's see what we have. the traffic is still going to be slow -- actually, it's recovered here in this area. but we had an earlier crash on eastbound interstate 80 right near the cummings skyway. a deadly crash where a big rig rear-ended a car. that person in the car was killed. there were also a couple of other crashes that were a little bit more minor, but all seemed to be related to some roadwork that was going on here eastbound 80 in the cummings skyway. this is a picture of the very
8:01 am
first crash that happened when a medical -- an ambulance rear ended a cement truck. those people were injured. in total, there were three accidents at this scene beginning at about 1:30. they finally cleared at about 7:00 this morning. and the traffic is finally rolling well. again, unfortunately, one person as a result of these crashes, one person was killed. chp continues its investigation, even though all the lanes are clear. this is 80 westbound as you head out to the macarthur maze. there are no major problems, but it is going to be slow. it's backed up. this is a locations highway 4 westbound as you come up over the willow pass bridge. still a little bit of late commute coming up and over the hill. i told you about it, but i wanted to put ap arrow to drive it home. 80 is slow through richmond and hercules. if that's your commute, you have a lot of waiting do before you make it to the berkeley area. let's get today's weather
8:02 am
with steve. >> there time. good morning, everybody. the drizzle picking up a little bit from marin county over to daly city and plenty of reports up in the north bay. i know novato, rohnert party, petaluma, cotati, and glen ellen reporting drizzle. larkspur reporting in with drizzle. a .01 since 6:30 this morning. slick roads here. i believe we have had a lot of reports of that around the cotati grade. clouds, cool, drizzle. tomorrow rain though for everybody. looks okay. .25 to 1 inch farther up you go. breezy, cool on the weekend. cloudy day for the diamondbacks and giants. wife take a jacket. i wouldn't be surprised if there is mist or drizzle in there as well. a lot of cloud cover. in that mix you can get some drizzle. just radar is not picking it up right now. cloud cover on the move. our system's on the way as well. 50s and 60s -- hayward 62.
8:03 am
oakland 62. sfo 61. santa fe and mountain view 60. a south-southeast breeze coming in. this system will slide in and give us rain. breezy, cooler for some on the highs. lows are up. 60s and 70s. rain will make it tonight into tomorrow. back to dave and gasia now. new this morning out of oakland one person was killed in a warehouse fire. oakland firefighters posted this picture to twitter. the fire started 3:15 this morning at 66th avenue and coliseum way near the coliseum. firefighters say they saw heavy flames when any got there. at this point they haven't released of information about the person who died. >> a tragic situation in san jose. police there investigating a deadly stabbing in which they say a son killed his father. ktvu's janine de la vega live in san jose after talking to people who live nearby. >> reporter: gasia, they tell me that the victim was very ill
8:04 am
and the son was his caretaker. they say that the son was a very good man, that this completely came out of the blue. so they are very shocked. this all happened last night at around nine at the mill pond mobile home park off of kirtner. officers arrived and found a 68- year-old man with stab wounds in a back bedroom. he died at the scene. according to police the son told the mother what he had done and went outside to smoke. some of his neighbors heard that commotion. >> i heard my neighbors sort of yelling at each other. she was what have you done to your father? and then shortly thereafter she went out in the street and she was crying. >> reporter: police say the son surrendered peacefully when they took him into custody. investigators say he is 43 years old and may have been
8:05 am
under the influence of drugs and alcohol. mental illness may have been a factor. these are things detectives are looking into. just a very sad situation that's really hitting this neighborhood hard. it's a senior community and a lot of people here know each other. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. >> time is 8:05. from the civil rights movement to the 1960s to addressing police brutality today. reverand jesse jackson continues to be a major voice in america for minorities in particular. that has brought him to the bay area today. he is continuing the push for diversity in silicon valley and more. joining me now, he needs no introduction, the reverand jesse jackson. >> working on it. >> i can do it if i have to. thank you so much for being here this morning. >> good to be here talking about the valley because we're talking about hope and opportunity. the gifts of the children of oakland in the bay is
8:06 am
unacceptable. there is no need to be trying to bring youth in from out of the country into here. these youth can be trained and taught. and trying to get them to put the churches to teach our children codes, stormtracker markets gains to give them that science and having to push tech conference here at the marriott tomorrow. at hp tonight. what's exciting, the city's children begin to come alive and know that they have the possibility of becoming, you know, the next google, the next apple, as it were. >> just to plant the seed. you're talking about athletes. there is a hire and invest in oakland. sports tech 20. faith tech you talked about. >> they are coming to oakland. half how plus jobs. and doing so they need to hire from here as priority. need to invest here as a
8:07 am
priority. green line. the red line zones and make oakland continue to come alive. and of course the nation. i mean, these ghettos are facing a combination of guns and drugs and jobs out. it's not working well for us. plan to lock up our youth rather than lift them up is not working for us. there is no brain shortage. there is no capacity shortage. we must overcome that gap. >> i want to talk about a lot of different things. you're applying pressure to silicon valley, but also politics while i have you here. the presidential candidate. the fight to get the nominations in both parties, what are your thoughts on it right now? >> it's ugly this year. the idea of a mass deportation of americans to go back across the border to re-settle again is the worse than the japanese
8:08 am
internment damps of the 1940s. it's a bad idea. and the idea of not trueing -- mexico is our first line of defense. suppose isis and mexico and canada, we could not survive it. we need mexico. they are the key to latin america. and so two-thirds of our hemisphere speaks spanish. so to offend our neighbors, our necessary neighbors, is bad politics and bad judgment. >> i have to ask a follow-up question. we have seen in the primaries so far that african-american, latinos and other minorities have been a major force in the voting, in the primary so far. what does that tell you? >> it suggests that the 1965 was a game changer. not only african-americans who got the right to vote after 85 years, but white women couldn't
8:09 am
serve on juries. es is picturation -- 18-year- olds could not vote or serve in vietnam. you could not vote on college campuses. you could not vote proportionally. we made that happen. it's not so much that we are post-racial. this new generation of opportunity is hanging the course of our country slowly but surely. latinos can be, a woman can be, the possibilities have been removed. there should be no impossibilities. on the one hand, the president can be president and trump can be in the running. there is nothing we can do. >> i have to ask you something that happened this morning a little while ago, speaking of the presidential candidate. donald trump was on television this morning talking about the government, the treasury department selecting harriet tubman to be the new face on the 20-dollar bill. he said i don't like it. i'd rather see her on a 2- dollar bill. >> well, that's the reaction. i don't agree with his
8:10 am
position. harriet tubman is a liberator versus andrew jackson a slave master. she represents a kinder moral -- she represents the best of america. overcoming our number one sin. that sin of slavery. she represents something very wholesome for america and andrew jackson recommendation something ugly. i disagree with trump on that. >> you have done so much in your life and career. what is auto life for you now and do you missing being out on the campaign trial? >> i do not. we never left. we're free and equal. the equality struggle, in the silicone valley, we came here a couple years ago. i mean, just these horrible numbers for the valley in terms of our capacity and now hp has four blackboard members. it had none. apple has jim vail from boeing
8:11 am
on their board now. they had none. microsoft has jim johnson. so we see it opening up. it's much like jackie robinson story. we open up the doors and see america through a door, not a keyhole. what they don't see is money, market, talent, location, and growth. and so we are trying to take that blinder off. remember how great you are. you can't be a one-eyed quarterback. >> and you are speaking as a former quarterback. >> yeah. you were good. i got to tell you, you're making a difference. you're going to be at montera millennials in oakland. you will be -- >> don't self-distract. do your best. you can beat odds. we are odds breakers and dream makers. we must believe that. i remember i was in sixth grade
8:12 am
and one day mrs. shelton came in the classroom. she was speaking from your diagram. all this. and so -- and she was writing big words on the board. big, bywords. she said these are polysyllabic terms. i will never teach down to you. run or governor or president one day. i don't want to be embarrassed. she ran on my ticket as state representative. we must not teach down to our children. they have infinite possibility. lift them up and be up. >> all right. i wish you much success with what you are doing the tech conference conference and the "veep" tonight in hewlett- packard. >> this is a dynamic mayor here. brash lee and willie brown, they are champions for me. of course, i got steph curry on the brain. >> yes, you do. i wish you well.
8:13 am
reverand jesse jackson. thank you for being here on "mornings on 2". >> now back to gasia. >> thank you both. >> the massive clean-up at hippie hill begins this morning. how much trash is left behind and why the parks department calls this scene depressing? also next what's happening on the campaign trail today and where donald trump plans to set up shop here in california. we are still seeing a commute that is going to be busy out there and this morning 80 is taking a beating, but also some of the other commutes surrounding this contra costa commute are going to be slow. the e-class has driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash.
8:14 am
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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>> 8:16. the presidential candidates are focusing on next week's primaries after big wins by hillary clinton and donald trump in new york there are more calls in both parties for the other candidates to drop out of the race. so far though those candidates say they have no intention of going anywhere. you can really sense the frustration here from ohio governor john kasich as he leaves a press conference yesterday after being asked if he would consider becoming donald trump eights running mate. >> i am not running for anybody's vice president. i am going to be the nominee. >> connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, and rhode island goes to the polls next week. donald trump's staffers say they plan to have a sacramento office open next week and
8:17 am
another office in southern california. trump is planning a number of appearances. a victory could put him in a position to clench. nomination. trump and ted cruz and john kasich is scheduled to address the california republican party's convention in burlingame at the end of this month. >> time is 8:17. let's get you where you need to go. sal, everybody behaving for you now? >> yeah. i think that, well -- >> no? >> tell the truth. >> i am going to qualify this. we don't have any major problems any more. however, there is slow traffic. how's that? >> okay. >> the honest answer. slow traffic out there. we don't have any really serious crashes right now that we know of anyway according to chp. as i look over my chp list here, yes, i don't see any major crashes. let's talk about what we have. highway 24 and the bay bridge still kind of slow there. a little bit of a slow backup here on the westbound bay bridge approach as you drive into san francisco.
8:18 am
going to take about 30 minutes to wade through all that slow traffic. our spider is there. at barissa there is an accident. most of the traffic is going the other way at this hour trying to get into the valley and the commute into the valley, by the way, are going to be busy in the south bay on 85 getting to sunnyvale and cupertino and mountain view. >> daly city and marin county, parts of sonoma county and also up around santa rosa as well misty, drizzly, and low clouds. system's on its way. it's already producing cloud cover and cooler temps today. rain's on the way for us today. guess who doesn't need any more rain but they are getting rain? right through houston. the last thing they need. but it's going to be -- now, the good news is i think it's proving pretty fast.
8:19 am
still rain on top of 16 inches of rain? that's not good. there is a back edge of this. after today the conditions will get a little better. for us we will get some rain. won't be that heavy unless you are up north. moderate to heavy. for us cloudy with rain on the way. a lot of reports of drizzle this morning. the weekend will be partly sunny, breezy, and cool. it will look mostly cloudy for day baseball today. i would take the jacket. maybe might want to carry a little umbrella as well. there is some drizzle in the mix around the area. it's hard to pick up though. radar doesn't show it yet. but it's there underneath that. santa rosa, rohnert park, larkspur, daly city, everything from the west-southwest the lows are way up. 50s and low 60s. concord 60. mountain view, sfo, oakland 62. on the peninsula even atherton, stanford and los altos low 60s. same for san mateo and belmont. don't see that all the time. everyone's stuck. truckee snow will be an issue
8:20 am
tomorrow afternoon. some of that cold air is going to arrive. until then it's mild. cloud cover gives us a cloudy to mostly cloudy day. our front is right back here and it's going to drop into the picture tonight. rain picks up overnight north bay and for everybody tomorrow morning. the morning commute looks wet. the model has been consistent on this rainfall. about a quarter of an inch to a third to a half-inch. santa rosa north three- quarters. mostly cloudy, breezy, school, patchy low clouds. going to need a few sun breaks to eke out on 73s or 74s. a lot of 60s now. we started off monday with 80 to 90-degree temps. we are on our way to 70s and 60s tomorrow with the rain. steady rain on friday. breezy, cool over the weekend. >> thank you, steve. >> any time. >> 8:20. you can make a difference for thousands of people in need. ahead we are going to talk live with the president of the red cross about giving day. >> plus, money business. the real reason you could be
8:21 am
struggling to get enough sleep at night.
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> welcome back. right now volkswagen executives are in san francisco about its emission cheating scandal. what may be keeping you awake? and how you may soon be able to charge your phone with your house plants. >> for this and so much more we bring pam cook back to the studio. >> great stories this morning. and wall street is affected by the warriors this morning.
8:24 am
yes. the opening bell was met with a lot of corporate earnings reports, including under armour and the company is praising steph curry for strong sales and brand recognition. the company has jordan spieth, who is doing quite well, tom brady and michael phelps. the numbers are up a little bit. >> general motors had a big first quarter. they are reporting earns of $2 billion, which beats analysts expectations. profit margins were bolstered by consumers' growing preference for larger vehicles, including pickup trucks and full size suvs. gm had strong results in china and broke even in europe. >> uber and lyft drivers could face a new rule if they use rental vehicles. they will sister making drivers sign contracts for at least
8:25 am
four months. drivers would have to disclose the vehicle's purpose and that would affect the amount of drivers available. uber has been asking riders in california to oppose the proposal. >> twitter is eying japan to make money from data research for businesses. tweets are public, but twitter offers special technological tools to better analyze them taking into account all tweets, including those in the archives. they monitor consumer reactions to a new product and demographics of users and complaints. now, it does partner companies such as ntt data and net base which pay twitter. the partners, in turn, get paid by companies hoping to improve their businesses by using information from twitter data. and happening right now executives from volkswagen are telling a federal judge in san francisco about a deal on that emissions cheating scandal with diesel cars sold here in the u.s. part of the agreement between volkswagen and the u.s. government involves the company buying back up to 500,000
8:26 am
diesel vehicles that were rigged to cheat on emissions tests. the german automaker is also expected to spend more than $1 billion to compensate car owners. however, there are reports that the agreement won't include plans on how to fix the affected cars. and you want to know one of the biggest reasons people don't get enough sleep? it's apparently about money. that's according to credit card comparison website it surveyed 1,000 adults and found 68% of women and 58% of men say they lose sleep because of money worries. some of the top related issues, savings for retirement, medical bills and mortgage or rent payments. and a company in spain says it has invented a way for people to charge their digital devices using a potted plant. it's sold through an indy go go campaign for a $100. it uses plant photosynthesis to generate organic compounds in the bottom of the plant.
8:27 am
it travels along nano wires and captured in a special biological battery. users can plug into the usb port in the pot. the system allows for three charges per day. so instead of having to look around for a plug, now you just walk around with a plant. >> okay. we will see if it catches on. >> thank you, pam. 8:27. could recreational marijuana become legal in california? the push to get it on the ballot again. >> thousands of people con vernalled to hippie hill at san francisco's golden gate park yesterday for 4/20 celebrations. coming up the clean-up the day after. >> so far so good with the last part of this commute. things are settling down a little bit. we have some slow traffic on the south bay commute. we will tell you about that coming up. >> well, a few breaks in the clouds. we are under mostly cloudy skies. been drizzle all morning long
8:28 am
parts of the north bay. we will see what's in store for your thursday. cooler forecast.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪but i can't seem to find my way over ♪ >> that's perfect. live picture you're looking at in oakland. welcome to "mornings on 2". again, downtown oakland with jimmy cliff in the background. >> you see clouds. you see grey. you see a postcard on your screen. this is where we live. at 8:30 we are talking about the major changes we have seen through the week in weather. let's think back to monday.
8:31 am
steve, this is exactly what you predicted. >> the heat was on on monday. >> it was. >> i mean, 80s and news partners. now we are cloudy, cool. mostly cloudy, cool. drizzle reports all morning long from about marin county northward. even daly city's had a little bit. cote, rohnert park, and dave up in novato says just got the tv on, getting ready for the giants game today. how's the weather going to be? >> i am glad you asked that question. there you go. mostly cloudy. 64. there might be a little drizzle. might be a little drizzle. but nothing compared to what they had monday night and tuesday night when it was nice weather-wise. we have coca-cola over -- cloud cover over us. 50s and 60s on the temps. east bay temps except for mount diablo, which is 49, everyone else in the 50s and 60s.
8:32 am
dublin's in there. brentwood's in there. 60 martinez. not much of a difference on these temps to cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. there your front. pretty good rain tomorrow. then a cold, cold system will drop in on sunday and crank up the breeze. mostly cloudy, breezy and cooler. patchy low clouds. drizzle. rain's on the way tonight. also tomorrow. you heard me right, sal. tomorrow morning commute. >> might be a tough one. no. by the end of the day though, because there is a giants game tomorrow night. >> i think it will be gone by then. >> okay. they will get that game in? >> yes. >> thank you, steve. my own personal weatherman. >> steve, what do you think -- never mind. let's take a look at the commute on 80. steve, do you like movies about gladiators? >> [ laughter ] >> westbound 80 traffic slow from the carquinez bridge to
8:33 am
the macarthur maze. it's just a volume thing. a lot of people are on this road. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze. no major problems getting onto the bridge. but you will be waiting 25 minutes to do that before you get into the city. we also want to mention marin. marin is quietly having a bad morning. stop-and-go traffic from highway 37 all the way down to central san rafael. then more slow traffic through green bray. so even the people in beautiful marin, they have bad commutes, too. 8:33. thousands of pounds of trash is being picked up in san francisco's golden gate park. >> it's the aftermath of the an actual 4/20 smoke-out at hippie hill. brian flores is there with the impact this is having on the city. >> reporter: when i spoke with the general manager of san francisco rec and park earlier this morning he says he understands the event's popularity, but his concern is about the parks.
8:34 am
speaking of the parks, we talked about several rec and parks employees picking up thousands of pounds of trash left behind. when we spoke with the general manager, he says really the amount of trash is depressing. after all, today is earth day. about 40 rec and park workers are picking up trash from the 4/20 smoke-out yesterday. they estimate about that 17,000 pounds of trash will be picked up just from this event alone. and it cost the department thousands of dollars in overtime. not to mention resources that would normally be out. they have to be diverted just to this spot to clean up. the one that disturbs rec and park is the amount of coal found on the grass. they say it damages the grass if left behind. >> the folks that are out here were from someplace else. there are other areas around the city that are not getting attended to this morning so we can clean this up. the second thing worth note something that this probably has an overall cost to our
8:35 am
department of around $50,000, maybe 100,000 or so for the entire city. we can put a kid in summer camp for 300 bucks a week. that's a lot of kids. that's a lot of summer camp that we are spending right out here picking up other people's trash. >> reporter: the people here had a great time. an estimated 10,000 people were here. the event was more than just lighting up. plenty of food. edibles like hash caramels. people from all over the world and from different generations were here, too. >> it's awesome. i mean, people that are my age and older and even younger and the younger ones are just all good. it's a good thing. >> this isn't drugs to me. this is not a drug. this is a medication. this is something that should be allowed just like alcohol. >> reporter: we should also mention there are a few incident from last night. about six somebody thought they heard gunshots and some describe it as a small stampede
8:36 am
of people after they heard it. police did not find a gun. there were about six arrests made. bun for a robbery. one a traffic warrant. one was for resisting arrest. the hill was completely filled with trash. the quick work of these sf rec and park workers completely changed the landscape of this area hippie hill. they are having to deal with some light rain as it is beginning to fall this morning. some people we spoke w they understand the brevity of the event. they would like to see this event sanctioned in the near future. back to you. >> thank you. >> and the celebration took on added meaning because of the burning to make recreational marijuana legal in california. supporters are collecting signatures to place an initiative on the ballot that would legalize use for adults
8:37 am
21 and over. backers say legalizing marijuana could create jobs and bring in $1 billion to the economy. >> the current market fuels an underground world. they don't pay taxes. they don't check i.d.s. >> recent polls indicate that a majority of californians favor legalizing recreational marijuana. voters rejected a similar measure in 2010. >> the license plate reader of a sacramento sheriff's deputy led to the arrest of a shooting suspect in berkeley. in mid march a man was found shot several times outside of a home. a woman was also shot in the head. she was dropped off at a hospital. well, on tuesday a sacramento sheriff's deputy's license plate reader spotted a car linked to that berkeley shooting. officers then found the suspect, anthony burton, asleep in the driver's seat and they arrested him. >> some drivers are asking for
8:38 am
more police patrols following the latest freeway shooting in the east bay. a bouquet of flowers and candles marks the spot in pittsburg where a man was killed tuesday night. he was driving when someone possibly in another car opened fire. this was 18th freeway shooting in the east bay in the past six months. >> as a commuter in this area i would like to see beefed up police security now that we have this issue. it's been brought to our town. seeing a little bit more often than it has before. >> the chp says investigators believe the victim was specifically targeted by the shooter but authorities haven't released a description of the shooter or the car involved. they have also not commented whether this incident is related to the previous shootings we have been reporting on highway 4 and interstate 80. >> the man who saw san francisco police officers -- a man who saw san francisco police officers and head officers on a rooftop chase through nob hill before jumping and landing on a parked car is
8:39 am
in jail. he is 34-year-old alexander kolefnikov. police say he pointed a gun at officers before running to another building and then jumping from the rooftop to another rooftop. he jumped off of a building, landed on a parked car. officers were looking around. he has been booked on charges including burglary, assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer and possession of a bb-gun. >> 8:39. a tech mogul who took a plea deal in a high profile domestic violence case three years ago is due in court tomorrow. they say he violated his probation. now he was arrested in 2013 after prosecutors say he purged and kicked his then -- punched and kicked his then girlfriend more than 100 times. it was recorded on home security video. the judge ruled it was sieze -- illegally. in 2014, he was arrested again.
8:40 am
police say he attacked another woman he was dating. tomorrow prosecutors will ask a judge to revoke his probation. he could be sent to jail for a year. >> new developments in the agreement between the u.s. government and volkswagen on the emissions cheating scandal involving diesel cars sold here in the united states. a federal judge in san francisco now says the car owners effected by the scandal will have the option of either having the automaker buy back the cars or fix them. the company's buying back up to 500,000 diesel vehicles that were rigged to cheat on emissions tests. the german automaker is also expected to spend more than $1 million to compensate car owners. >> well, whether steph curry is going to play tonight is a game time decision. so many people, including the reverand jesse jackson who you just talked to, want to know what's happen. >> allie rasmus is here to talk about what curry himself said
8:41 am
about playing tonight. >> reporter: steph curry told reporters if game three happened yesterday, he probably wouldn't have played. he didn't feel like he had recovered enough. he said yesterday that that all could change by tonight. we'll see whether he plays in game three. it will be a game time decision as you mentioned. still up in the air right now. curry practiced yesterday after the team landed in texas. he did the drills, went through his post practice shooting routine. he said his heart is geared towards playing and he wants to be out there with his teammates. he was conflicted about striking that balance about getting back that action and playing it safe for hi -- his long-term health. >> not doing further damage or hurting myself even more. balancing that with, you know, the time, you know, it's a great time to keep doing what we're doing and taking advantage of this playoff run. so just got to be splatter. >> the opponent is no factor. no. it doesn't matter who we're
8:42 am
playing. honestly, it doesn't even matter the series score. like, i mean it's nice to be up 2-0 and say, all right, you know, we'll give him rest or whatever. but it really isn't about that. it's about whether he is okay or not. >> reporter: now, fans are optimistic the team can beat houston tonight with their mvp because the warriors have already won their last two games against the rockets. one of them also without curry. tip-off at 6:30 tonight. game four is on sunday also in houston. back to you guys. >> all right. allie rasmus, thank you. >> let's go to sal castaneda. we have breaking news. what's happening in san francisco? >> a two-alarm fire at 17th and guererro. looking at it now, this was reported about a half hour to 40 minutes ago. first the smoke was black. now it looks like it's white. but more units are arriving. they have upgraded this to a second alarm fire. those units have not arrived on the scene. they are on their way. you are going to hear sirens
8:43 am
pulling up any moment now. this fire is in an apartment building. it seems that there is fire in between the walls of two buildings. that's what i'm hearing on radio traffic. what we know for sure is that this fire is in the 3,500 brock of 17th street. you can see dolores park in the background. if looks as if the white smoke is all you see. for a while you saw some black smoke coming. again avoid the area if you can. it's going to be a big traffic issue. i can see some flames kind of through the -- you can kind of see -- if you look closely. more units are arriving. we will get more information on this as we come back. >> thank you, sal. the governor of california getting into real estate. how much jerry brown wants for his oakland hills home. >> next why today could be the day you help the red cross affect thousands of lives.
8:44 am
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>> welcome back to "mornings on 2". time 8:46. look at these pictures. houston, texas, record rain forcing thousands of people out of their homes because of the floods. more than a foot of rain has dropped. at least eight people now confirmed dead. mostly in in car accidents.
8:47 am
city and county has responded to more than 1500 flood emergencies. army corps of engineers keeping a close walk on a two dams right now. very high risk that they may fail because they are so old. incredible. well, whenever there is a natural disaster anywhere in the country the red cross always there to help the victims. but they can't do it without our help. joining me live now, the president and ceo of the american red cross. gail mcgovern, you're here and the red cross is marking the second annual giving day event. good morning. >> good morning. dave. thank you so much for having me on your show. >> i am so glad thaw are here. before we get into the giving day and all that's involved, tell me what the red cross is doing for these flood victims in houston. >> well, first of all, our hearts go out to the people of houston. they got clobbered this time, as you mentioned. they got 17 inches of rain in an hour. and it was earlier this year
8:48 am
that they got clobbered before. so they are finally moving back into their homes and they get clobbered again. and it's so difficult dealing with floods. the american red cross so on the ground. we have hundreds of volunteers there. we have opened up seven shelters. we have served 17,000 meals and snacks. we have emergency response vehicles driving around the communities, giving out hot meals. and we're giving out bulk relief items. things like rakes and shovels so people can muck out of their homes yet again. >> we wish them well. gail, let's go right to giving day. tell me more about that and how we can all help the red cross. >> well, giving day is a 24- hour campaign that we're running, asking the american public to step up and give a gift to the american red cross so that we can support families
8:49 am
that are victims of disasters like in houston like you just described. we actually respond to 66,000 disasters every year, believe it or not. that's one every eight minutes. and these families can really use our help. so we're asking feel go to our website or text to 90999 for $10 donation. they should text it the word "red cross." there were so many different ways that they can help. they can volunteer. but we're really looking for some financial donations. any gift size is deeply, deeply appreciated. for under $100 you can help a family impacted by a disaster. but like i said, any gift. there is no gift too small. and we really need the help because everything we do is because of the generosityof the american people. >> well, ktvu wants to do its part as well in getting the
8:50 am
word out. gail mcgovern, president and ceo of the red cross, thank you for making time to be here. i congratulate you in advance in success on giving day. >> thank you. time is 8:50. let's check back with sal. you are following breaking news again, sal? >> a two-alarm fire that we talked about last time. it's at 17th near guererro. 3,500 block of 17th. it looks like a couple of apartment buildings. the fire is in between them. this is a second alarm. as the picture is a little foggy now and the smoke has died down. i can put it up on a map for you if you want to bring it in. 17th and guererro is just about a block and a half away from dolores park. here is dolores park right here. it's just up and around the corner here is where the fire is. it's near mission high school, as you know. so it's a pretty busy area. you want to stay way from it. the some of the muni lines that run there might alsok affected.
8:51 am
17th and guererro. a two alarm structure fire. it appears they are getting a handle on it. we have a crew on the way. >> let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up for about a 15 to 20 minute delay. no major reports at the toll plaza. and if you are driving on -- let's see. i think that's it. hoo this is highway 24. that traffic is moving along okay. >> today's weather for the daytime? >> mostly cloudy. 64. might be a little drizzle there. we want to get, first of all, for instagram @ktvu2, you can follow us. wet the mount diablo sunrise from this morning. we posted this on our instagram page. follow us @ktvu2. that was about the only sun we saw, dave, right? mostly cloudy since. there has been drizzle all morning long. go to the instagram page @ktvu2. guess what's happening this
8:52 am
houston? i have seen some images and video coming across on twitter. it is pouring again parts of houston. yeah. a line of severe weather moving through. it looks like, it does look like it will be through by game time. you can see the system is flying, although there may be some lingering into -- as you can see wake other towards austin, texas, they are not done yet. a day of moderate to heavy rain on top of what they have had, which is 16 inches of rain in a day for some. reports of two feet northwest of town. clouds. cooler. drizzle. light rain. cloudy. rain tomorrow. it's on its way. breezy to windy and cool on the weekend. especially sunday. cloudy to mostly cloudy here. day baseball, 12:45 i would take the jacket. a lot of drizzle this morning. marin county, novato, know larkspur up from petaluma, rohnert park, a little bit around santa rosa. cazadero, occidental to sonoma
8:53 am
and glen allen and napa reports of light rain and a few sprinkles in the city. other than that it's going to be a cloudy mostly cloudy morning. mild conditions right now. southerly breeze in advance of it. 60s for many already. i mean, some did not get below 58 or 59. a lot of cloud cover. a few sun breaks. you can see a teeny break there. this system will swing in tonight, tomorrow, an pick up. you can see the low. move over here, steve. there you go. carve itself out and bring in some pretty good rain. timing looks to be late tonight in the north bay. there will be light drizzle ahead of it. but late tonight it will pick up in mendocino county. here comes the front. 4 a.m. mendocino county, lake county, sonoma county. then for the morning commute around six to seven over the heart of the bay area. by 9:00 it moves south. over the peninsula, santa cruz mountains, east bay. then mother band at noon. it should be gone by five, six.
8:54 am
i know the giants have a game. i think the rain will be gone by then. it won't be very warm. just so you know. the rainfall amounts on track .25 to a third to a half-inch from the southbound. santa rosa upwards of three- quarters to an inch. mostly cloudy. breezy. cooler. the breezy isn't thatboro nounsed right now. patchy low clouds. 60s and 70s on the temps. banking on sun breaks to get some of these 70s because a lot of the temperatures near the bay and coast will stay stuck in the 60s. rain tomorrow morning. i plan on a morning commute that has rain in it. breezy, cool on saturday and then windy and cool on sunday into monday with snow up in the sierra. i know. how about that? pretty active april here for the last, looks like the last week. >> 8:54. today if you are thinking about food, a your lunch could cost a buck. ahead, when and why jimmy johns, they are giving away their subs for just one dollar.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> the price tag $2.6 million. governor brown bought this house in 2007 for almost $2.7 million. and during the housing slump the value dropped. an estimated $1.8 million down to $1.8 million. the governor and his wife now live in the restored governor's mansion in sacramento. >> well, the contra costa county community is coming together this weekend. they want to help thousands of people in need. calvary temple church in concord is lead this effort to give away goods and servicers. part of an event called the convoy of hope. volunteers are carrying those bags filled with new donated shoes of all shapes and sizes to get them sorted out for the event. so far organizers have received
8:58 am
1,000 pairs. they are hoping for 2,000 more. this event offers medical and dental screen edges, job remembers and more. this will be held saturday at 10:00 a.m. at meadows home park in concord. >> this almost happens. lunch for a dollar thanks to the sandwich change jimmy johns. it's celebrating what it calls customer appreciation day. they are selling their subs for injuries one dollar. here in the bay area there are jimmy johns sandwich shops in san francisco, concord and walnut creek. the one dollar subs are available between 11:00 a.m. and 3 p.m. and you have to go in person. it's not allowed for online and delivery orders. before they invented the black hole, fred was catching passes at the oakland coliseum taking passes from george blanda. we are going to talk to him.
8:59 am
also talk about your warriors. is steph going to play? that and all the day's news coming up on ktvu "mornings on 2: the 9".
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